Praise, glory, and honor to our heavenly Father. He has done a miraculous work in me and on my foot through events(being separated from my wife Hope) that occurred on July 9th and the situation that followed. No longer a Slave to sin came to mind this morning(Nov 11) which led to the below testimony being compiled, written and shared.

I recently wrote a letter to Hope and sent it to her lawyer as I can not talk to her right now. Until writing the letter, I did not realize just how broken I was. How twisted up and I think maybe even angry I was. I had so much inner strife, conflict and turmoil. So much hurt, pain and suffering. No amount of knowledge was going to help me. I believe I could have gained all the knowledge in the world with the best tools in my tool box and I would have remained the same person never finding the way, the truth or the life.

I realized just how futile all my efforts were before. The path I was on was never going to get me to where I wanted to be in my relationship with our heavenly Father or with Hope or even with others. I was just a vain hypocrite. I was prideful, arrogant, and foolish. I was stiff-necked with eyes and ears that were not seeing or hearing with a heart that was hardened. I was just so blind, and definitely not able to see the giant beam in my eye.

I’ve been searching since I was a teenager for the Truth, for a true relationship with our heavenly Father. He through this situation humbled and abased me allowing me to seek His Kingdom as a child with all my heart, soul, and everything. I finally have the inner change where nothing before did anything.

I refuse to go back to how I was before on a dead end path full of darkness, turmoil, strife, and death. I’m so grateful for what our heavenly Father has done in me through this situation. I know that as this journey on His path continues I will find even more inner peace while continuing to learn and grow and bear His fruit. I really can’t wait and thoroughly look forward to when reconciliation occurs ending this separation and to starting our new life together. I hope and pray and ask others to pray it happens very soon.

After no longer a slave to sin came to mind this morning, I looked up verses associated with slave to sin. I found the following verses;
John 8:31-36(-40)
Galatians 5:1,19-21(-26)
Romans 6, 12:2
1 Peter 2:16
2 Peter 2:19
Matthew 6:24 / Luke 16:13
Titus 3:3
1 Corinthians 6:19-20
2 Corinthians 5:17
1 John 3:6
Ephesians 2:1-2
I was truly a servant of sin. For I was overcome, defeated, and controlled by sin and corruption. For example I opened the door to things and could not cease even though I tried.
But by the grace and mercy of our heavenly Father, I have become a humble child seeking His ways, truth, life and character with all my heart learning, repenting, and obeying as I go. I am so grateful to Him for freeing me from being a servant of sin and for allowing me to start bearing His fruit. I’m so thankful for Him healing my eyes, ears, and heart.

As for my foot, since around if not on July 9th I have had some sort of skin issue that steadily got worse then plateaued. I’ve tried different things over the last few months, but it never healed. It was pointed out this past Saturday, Nov 7th. My response was that our heavenly Father can heal it. Well I noticed this morning significant improvement and it’s just awesome. Isaiah 58 comes to mind. Thank you heavenly Father for your healing.

I am so very thankful for what our heavenly Father has done in me and for His healing, so I wanted to share it. I believe He will bring healing and reconciliation to Hope and our marriage/relationship/one flesh and I hope and pray it is very soon. Please join me in prayer with faith and belief.