My family and I have met many of you during sukkot. We watch via livestream from Ft Worth Texas. We have been watching for 8 months and never felt led to pursue a home in Tennessee. My wife and I have been led for the past 5 years to relocate our family and we have tried unsuccessfully many times. The Father has shut many doors and we never could understand. The last 2 months we have felt a “pull” if you will to actually try and pursue relocating to be a part of Jacob’s Tent.
There is too much to share here how this transpired but I ask that each of you would lift my family up in your prayers that Yahweh would open doors necessary for this move to take place. We are open to apartments, campers, or a rental home. I work remotely for a chiropractor so i do not have to find a job. We have been blessed in many ways past and its amazing to see Yahweh continually work in our lives. We feel led/called to now be a part of this Assembly.
Sukkot with Jacob’s Tent was such a blessing and we didnt plan to do sukkot with you all this year as we were with another fellowship in north Georgia but somehow the Father made a way for us to come and celebrate sukkot with you all and we received the blessing from the fellowship we were at in Georgia to go and seek after Yah to get our answers we have been longing for with you all the last few days of sukkot in TN.
The Father has placed such a longing and a burning desire in both my heart and my wife’s to be a part of Jacob’s Tent. I cannot articulate just exactly how we feel but please pray with us and for us as we continually seek after Yahweh to ensure this is His will for us.
I want to thank all of you and may Yahweh bless each of you! Shalom!

My family and I constantly pray for the protection from harm sin and evil to be far away from Jacobs Tent and those who attend their via livestream and in person. I pray over all of the fmailies and their children to be blessed. I pray for Cloud family that Yahweh continues to use Bill and his family in a mighty way. I pray for peace to be upon their hearts and over their household. I pray for those who also work alongside them within the functions of Jacob’s tent and who conduct the work behind the scenese that you too may be bless abundantly and provided for. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your diligence and sacrifice to make the livestreams happen and we hope that one day very soon Yah willing my family and I will get to serve alongside each of you in person in TN. I also pray for Bill’s teaser today to come to pass and that Yahweh makes whatever happen behind the scenes occur for whatever this is, in Yeshua’s name amen and halleluyah!