Jacob’s Tent is located at 155 Inman St. E in downtown Cleveland, TN (at the corner of Inman St. and Parker St.)
The main entrance is on the Parker Street side.
Parking in front of the building on the Parker St. side is limited and is reserved for our seniors and those with special needs. General parking is available across Parker St. in the public parking area behind The Catch Bar & Grill and along 1st Street. For those in our congregation that are in good physical condition, we ask that they park in our Jacobs Tent parking lots rather than the public parking. Our first lot is located at the corner of 1st Street NE and Church Street NE, next to the Stack Southern Bistro, and our 2nd lot is behind the Elks Lodge and can be accessed either through 1st Street NE or Central Ave NE. We ask our congregants to keep the public parking lots open for those with special needs, our seniors, our first time visitors, and those with young children. Please do not park in front of the quilt shop or bicycle shop on 1st Street NE.


We meet every Saturday at 11 AM. We first gather for Praise & Worship accompanied by Davidic-style dance, followed by a message inspired by the weekly Torah portion. After each service we meet for oneg (a time of food and fellowship). Our community meal is followed by a midrash (Q & A/discussion).
Dancing during praise and worship is encouraged and participation is voluntary. If you wish to join with our dancers, participants typically meet around 10:00 AM to freshen up on the appropriate dances for the day’s worship service. All interested parties are invited to join them.
During the Midrash, all young people (10-19 years) are invited to join Jeremy & Carmen Doll, for Bible Study and fun in the Youth room. Participation is voluntary. Children (5-9) are invited to join the Treasures class with Mrs. Neyla and Mrs. Katie.  Everyone is asked to go into the worship building after Oneg. Classes are then dismissed by Bill Cloud after the Meal Blessing .
There is a nursery area available  during the service for our little ones 4 years old and under to be checked in if you would like to drop them off. A second Nursery area is provided for families with little ones that would like to keep their child(ren) with them. Please don’t bring sick children into the nursery out of consideration for others. Monitors are in both nurseries so that parents may view and hear the service. During the Midrash, parents with little ones (4 and under) are welcome to stay with the children in the regular nursery.
All of our Shabbat services are LiveStreamed and can be viewed on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JacobsTentFellowship/ and on Bill’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BillCloudTV.


We gather each Wednesday at 6 PM for a midweek Bible study and community meal. All ages are invited to attend the Bible study after the meal. Those young people who wish to gather in the Youth room for activities and games.


We congregate on each New Moon for food and celebration. Dates will vary according to the calendar so consult our schedule for service dates and times.
We observe the Biblical Festivals and holy days and have special events for each of these appointed times (moedim) as well as Purim and Hanukkah.
For a list of upcoming events, click here.