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  • My children and I have been evicted from our home by my ex in laws. We have to be out by August 9, 2024. Their son, my ex, took me to court on Wed to take custody from me. As of right now he has no overnights and is not a fit parent, but the judge said if I cannot find a place within 20 miles, she’s going to send my children to live with him. I have no income, he’s stopped paying support, I’ve gone through my savings because of this and the judge can’t address support issues right now. Miracles
  • Please pray for a friend of mine, Marcie, and her husband and family. Her son, in his 40s, was found unconscious on his front porch yesterday afternoon with head injuries from a fall. He is in ICU currently. Prayers for his full recovery and restored to health.

      Calling on the Great Physician for healing for Marcie’s son. We are thankful that He never leaves us nor forsakes us.
      Praying for full recovery and restored health.
      Asking that during this process, this young man will draw so close to his Savior.

  • Please pray for my son, Kamren. He was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma a year ago. He went through all the treatments but did not go into remission. After his latest scans, the doctors are telling us that not only does he continue to have a mass in his chest, he now has spots on his liver. We are starting treatment again today (7/8/24).

      We stand with you in prayer for your son Kamren as he walks this journey. Father, we know You are the only Healer – doctors and medicine can only do only so much – we know it is You who heals. We pray, that You hear the cry to You. from this mother, calling upon Your divine healing for her son, Kamren. How precious are the prayers of a mother for her children.
      I pray You touch Kamren with Your hand of healing and purge out all those foreign cells from his body, and boost up his immune system to do what You created it to do, and bring total healing to this man, in Yeshua’s Name

  • My husband, James, fell the end of June. He broke his back. He had surgery the next day and is currently in rehab. He is supposed to be discharged July 12. He has some dementia and is sometimes confused. I am requesting prayer for his healing in both body and mind. Also strength for me to care for him and my elderly parents. I want to give praise to the Lord that even with this accident His hand was on James and he wasn’t paralyzed.

      Rejoicing with you that James was spared from any permanent issues. We stand with you in prayer for his 100% healing of his body. And we pray for you too, as you care for him and your parents, that Abba will give you the strength you need to do this. He says He gives us what we need to do what He has called us to do. He says it, we believe it.
      He is faithful!!

  • I have a deep disire to marry and have children
  • Prayer request for my Cousin hoing threw a very hard custody cases with her ex- husband. Praying for Truth and righteousness to be upheld in The TN courts for her and her 3 little girls
  • I have received messages, on social media, that aren't you, so I have blocked them. I am not blocking Jacobs Tent!🏕️ Love and blessings to you!🕊️
  • I'm suffering from some liver problem and having bad dreams as well, I would like to request you to pray for me. Sending regards from INDIA new Delhi
  • I'm begging for mercy from God on behalf of my adult son Alex, who is far from him, very suicidal. Can't see anything good & people at work (grown-up) are bulling him due to physical appearance. Please help me pray that God will reveal Himself to Alex and show him His love and His plans for him. Please help me pray against the lies & attacks of the enemy over his life. God alone can set him free from chains & darkness and bring him into His light, freedom and be His Abba, defender & redeemer.
  • Pray for Vanessa, on drugs, homeless in Cal. Need to be delivered from addictions, abuse etc. Needs Yeshua. Her mom Jenine, is my friend n she is a single mom. Who's former husband was n is on drugs, from what I understand. Pray that she is found alive n gives her life to Yeshua. Thank you