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  • They are inducing labor on my granddaughter, Sarah today because on the last sonogram they saw that the baby's stomach had not grown. They are concerned she's not getting enough nourishment. I ask for your prayers for both of them. And for my son's family as they stand by her. Thank you
  • Praising YHVH ingratitude for covering and protection over my daughter and her children. breaking chains of evil intent, removing all forms of negative covert happenings. Thanking Abba FATHER for HIS promise to ask HIS favor standing with a witness. Praying for favor. YAH knows my mind and heart on this, I am praying for content and happy home to raise these children knowing YAH's presence is all they need. this person was included in blessings given to my daughter... he has disgraced them at
      Krista says:

      Prayed for you Connie and will continue to do so. I pray that the Lord strengthen you and give you the peace that passes all understanding while you are lifting up your daughter and her children. I pray that He would see you standing and interceding for your daughter and that he might grant you favor and blessings over this situation. God bless you and I will keep praying for you. Keep us updated!

  • I see the Radiotherapist this morning for my breast, please pray for me. Yah bless you all my family. ❤️
      Krista says:

      Lucia, I’m praying for you! I ask that He would completely and totally heal you and restore you, that He would dissolve and remove and trace of the cancer in your body and that through this His incredible power would be made manifest and that you might be a vessel to shine HIS light to all the medical personnel you are working with and that through this, He would be glorified! I will continue to pray this over you, Sister! I pray also that He continues to strengthen you and give you His peace during this time. He loves you so much and has not forgotten you.

      Jacob's Tent says:

      We pray that His peace which surpasses all understanding be with you. We pray You grant healing to this body, Abba, in Yeshua’s Name.
      Do not fear, for He is with You.

  • I request a prayer petition for healing for my sister. I believe and have faith in Jesus name that he will heal her because he has a plan for his children! Amen.
  • I need wisdom and discernment concerning a person at work - I'm really struggling with him (boss/employee relationship) and want to handle things as Yeshua would for His glory, and our best. Also I'm very concerned about the direction my current congregation is going. Pray for the Rabbi that Adonai would set him on the right path. FYI, due to my concerns about my current congregation, I plan on joining Jacob's Tent as my home. See you soon. Thank you.
      Colleen says:

      Thank You , Father, that You are there for us when we don’t see clearly the path. Please shine Your light upon Colleen, her understanding and decisions. You always give us opportunity to see ourselves better when there’s trouble. Reveal to Colleen any area within herself that may need adjusting. Purging. And grant a willing spirit. Then, as You are free to deal with others, bring a softening of heart. A humbling and coming into agreement.
      May Your leading be clear as she seeks answers to concerns regarding her congregation. I ask for Wisdom, Your wisdom to prevail.

  • Just received a request for urgent prayers for a one month old baby , whose last name is George . Baby George is in the hospital in Nashville and needs a bone marrow transplant due to his immune system not working properly. Please seek The Father's healing hands for this precious little one . Thank You for your prayers.
      Colleen says:

      We join in this cry to You for Your great mercy over this little life. And results that bring fullness of life.
      Use this sorrow and stress to bring forth great spiritual fruit in the lives of families and friends. May their confidence stay on You through this great trial. Keep them close.

  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it has spread to my lymph node. I have two disabled siblings that live with me. Please pray for me that I will be able to be around to help them. Also, that I will make the right choices with doctors. Thank you for your prayers.
      Colleen says:

      I ask for Your strength of heart and body to rise up and sustain Lucia. You give Wisdom to those who ask and rely on You. Thank You that Lucia is asking!! Thank You that You will grant it!!
      I speak Life over Lucia.
      Reveal Your endless power and Love on her behalf through this, Lord.

  • Rabbi Greg Herchburg is hospitalized with kidney & infection problems & needs prayer for healing & comfort. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Prayer request for a little 5-year-old girl named Wesley who has cancer and there is no more medically they can do for her. She needs a miracle that only our Yeshua can do. Would you all please pray for her?