Good afternoon, church body, I ask that you join with me in intercession for this precious family! I received the following message from my previous pastors wife today. The young man mentioned, Cameron, is her nephew. Thanks in advance!

Hey! I hope you guys are doing well. I need your support. I know you will war. This is a text from my sister….Cameron has been having a LOT of pain in his ankle. He went to a local ortho.. he thought it was nothing but we asked for an MRI, the radiologist called him immediately and said he is concerned looks like possible a metastatic lesion.
They Sent images to oncologist at Duke and will send report tomorrow. Cameron left messages for his oncologist. We will know more tomorrow.
We have the kids all week and had planned to do fun things. We may be doing those things at Duke.
Please ask church to pray. This cancer needs to be eradicated out of blood and off his dna.