I and my sisters are hebrew roots and watch and listen to your ministry.
I asking for prayer for myself . Ive been having health issues/ problems with hemorrhoids daily for the past month and a half, feeling like pressure, irritation , pain and discomfort to wear i cant fully enjoy my days and scripture studying . Ive gone to dr. She said that i have to keep using medication for it and for me to not worry and stress abt it cause that causes it to be worse and she knows how i get scared and my focus will always go to the problem at hand.
I have anxiety and fear anytime something goes wrong, when stressful things happen to me and my life.
I also have arthritis and thats been more so in my lower back and hips.
Also i have depression, anxiety, worry, agoraphobia… i also have digestive problems for years but also had worsened.

Please… could you prayer a miracle happens and it never returns or in another form. Im the one in our family who has a weaker immune system.
Thank you and yahovah bless you and all the congregation.