I’m seeking God’s will to move to Tennessee or Texas. I have a daughter in Texas wanting me to move near her family, but that would require I leave another daughter and her family in Oregon.
I am a sole support and have been applying online to various jobs posted in Texas through indeed. I’ve also started applying to jobs I see in Tennessee.. in the Cleveland area.
My daughter in Oregon has stopped attending church and her family and marriage are in crisis. I’ve been here supporting, praying and loving them. Their marriage is in a critical point where it may be dissolving completely. I’ve spoken to my daughter about the Tennessee area, Jacob’s tent fellowship, and the possibility to consider a move to restore their marriage and relationship with God, and to resume attending a body of believers and teaching their children God’s word. She’s open to the idea. However, things are pretty stormy between her spouse and herself. He’s attended church in the past but I know not of a conversion experience with the Lord. I’ve not seen fruits thereof.
I’m seeking direction, and believe I’m being prepared for the next steps. I feel that it’s time to make a decision and be willing to move according to God’s direction. My grands and family need the Lord. Our community doesn’t have a Congregetion similar to Jacob’s tent, and my daughter was so badly hurt by a church in the area that she gave up on finding any Congregetion and has not gone nor taught her children of the Lord since. They stopped just before Covid hit the nation. They’ve not returned since. I long to attend a Congregetion once again.. and know I need the fellowship and accountability. I’ve been faithful to watch and learn from the services, midrash, and Wednesday night teachings. I have a friend from the Congregetion I attended in WA who is in your Congregetion and we’ve been talking. She’s joining me in prayer. But this is really much bigger than me, so I’m asking for prayer to direct not only my next steps, but those of my daughter and her children.
Thank you. I’m so grateful for your ministry and how it continues to strengthen me and grow me and ground me in the Word.
I am a sole support and need employment to sustain me. I’m a year younger than Bill, and am aware of my age and how getting a sustaining job is getting harder to find. I know if God is in it it will happen. I also know the power of prayer and prayer warriors. I’m calling upon my family to come beside me now and pray with me for clarity and provision.
Thank you.