Several months ago I asked for prayer because of things breaking down and limited credit left to repair them. Abba lead me to fix my home up and prepare it to sell it to my daughter and her husband and children. They are currently staying there preparing their home to sell to purchase mine. My son offered to allow me to move in with him and his fiancee in Kentucky. We accomplished this move two weeks ago. An hour ago they told me they have decided to move back to Vicksburg, where I had just moved from. I would like to find a place to live in Cleveland, TN which is only 4 hours from where I am now instead of the 12 hours from Vicksburg.

The difficulty is that I am legally blind and thus cannot drive anywhere on my own. My heart has been at Jacob’s Tent, as a live streamer, practically from the beginning.

My prayer requests are the following:

1. That Abba open doors I’m to go through and close those that I’m not to go through.
2. At least a 2 bedroom home to rent in Cleveland where I can keep my 40# dog and 4 cats close to Jacob’s Tent and a grocery store. I suppose this is more of a “fleece” and not a prayer request.

I’m in no danger of being thrown out on the street. I just need to know which direction to go in.